1. 01:39 24th Juli 2014

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    Roses are red
    And true love is rare
    Booty booty booty booty
    Rockin’ everywhere

  2. 01:04 16th Juli 2014

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    Also l think l found german Sean Doolittle

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    Did anyone else notice how Altuve grew two inches since the All-star break began? They used to say he was 5’4” but tonight they were saying 5’6”

  4. I just googled him, didn’t play with shooty but played for 12 yrs. Also works in as a hitting coach in the Cleveland farm system, maybe Shooty knows him from scouting or something
    Yeah l just realized Shooty played way longer ago than l thought. That’s what l was thinking.
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    So l was looking though my baseball cards the other day and guess who’s a real person?


    I’ll give you this one, Shooty

  6. Can we rename it the Cespe-derby yet?

  7. 21:50 12th Juli 2014

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    Brandon Moss is a full grown man.

  8. Another john jimson special

  9. In my dream last night l was in a remake of some star wars movie with Zack Grienke and Lee Pace and after the first day of filming Lee Pace asked me on a date.

  10. Do the Mariners realize that when they do gold shirt giveaways against the A’s it makes it look like a whole section is cheering for the other team?